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Do u think i'm stupid for saving all my daughters baby stuff??

so my bf bitches all the time because our spare bedroom is nothing and i mean nothing but baby clothes! o-24m and i have got rid of some but i have like 8 totes full and they are nothing but old navy,gap,gymboree,tommy,polo and they are so expensive i want to keep everything in case i have another girl i spent so much money on everything especially being a single mom at 17. ok so thats that but my aunt just gave me 3 totes of her baby boy clothes on top of my stuff. i also kept all her socks shoes bibs blankets birp rags u name it i got it!!!! oh one more thing is it wrong of me to not want to sell my precious moments cribset that is complete and i mean complete with everything even if i'm just going to get a different one. i just can't seem to let go it cost way too much?? help

Do u think i'm stupid for saving all my daughters baby stuff??
I had my son in 2005 and hoped for another child. I have saved everything except the items that were beyond saving. I too didn't want to pay for things twice. I still have almost a whole closet rod of clothes with tags on them that my son never got a chance to wear. I've given quite a few of those items away as baby gifts which saved me a ton of money too!! And even if I have a girl she'll be fine wearing some of these items like sleepers, shorts and t-shirts.

Now that I'm pregnant again, I am so glad that I have all this stuff - crib, exersaucer, packnplay, clothes from newborn on up. I do hope to get a changing table this time though --

My suggestion to you is if you want to keep all these things, that you consider putting them into space bags. Not only will this compact them but they will keep fresher and not get any moisture or bugs to them. You will increase your storage capacity in your storage bins.
Reply:The way I have it figured out is you're d*mned if you do and d*mned if you don't. If you do keep everything, you know - just in case - than you won't get pregnant because you kept everything and are prepared. If you get rid of everything, you'll be pregnant in a week. I know from experience. After my last son turned one we sold ALL of our baby stuff in a yard sale. Two months later I was pregnant. And after three boys I just took it for granted that this one would be a boy too so before I got the first ultrasound even scheduled, I bought a few boy things. And naturally, this time it was girl. Life loves to throw you curve balls. Your best bet is to get rid of everything you can stand to part with b/c, let's face it, if you keep all the girl stuff and get rid of the boy stuff your next baby will naturally be a boy, and if you get rid of the girl stuff and keep the boy stuff the next baby will be a girl. Sell it on ebay and take the money you get from selling that and set it aside in a savings account to either spend on your daughter later or save money for your next baby so you can afford to go out and buy more clothing.
Reply:Perhaps you can sell it online or via a yard sale? That way, the money you get can be used to buy more items for your child.

If you're really emotionally attached to them, how about taking pics of them for a scrapbook before selling them?

I'm afraid that if you don't learn to let go of some of these items, you'll have no room for the new ones. Instead of 11 totes, you may end up with 110.

CafeMom has a group where moms sell their gently used clothing and other items. You should check it out --

Good luck to you...
Reply:You should go through it and keep the irreplaceable items. Socks, bibs, onesies and jumpers can be replaced. Give them away. I was thankful kindof broke and five years later when I remembered I had saved some baby clothes.
Reply:No absolutely not, I don't think your stupid for keeping your babies stuff. I have a fifteen month old son I have kept every outfit he has ever had, except maybe a few things that I gave to my cousin who will be giving birth in August. It's better to not have to buy everything over, because a lot of the clothes I got were bought for my baby shower, and you typically don't have one of those with the second baby. So keep what you can.
Reply:i'm off subject here but i'm into relationship consultation in the military... If your boyfriend and you don't agree on having another child, work that out first... You're keeping it because you are preparing, if he is blowing you off, you might look back on your next baby and kick yourself in the butt asking youself why you put a guys opinion over yours about your life and your unborn baby. First it's clothes, and than.... it get's worse.... stand up for yourself... and if you can make an agreement of some things, like go through and see what you DON'T need and what you can rebuy, donate it to a needy family. (there's plenty of new moms in the military who's husbands are in iraq that have nothing... not food, baby clothes.. anything)
Reply:NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT. Just keep in separated in categories..... like stuff you absolutely want to keep so you can show her someday, and then stuff that you want to keep but it is not that important to you, and stuff that you will sell soon or even "someday", and if you have friends with babies, you can make small steps by giving them little things like a bag of socks, or just an outfit at a time. Slowly, you will narrown it down, but it is important to set aside the things that you know you DO NOT want to get a rid of because you want to show her when she grows up, or you'll end up accidentally getting rid of it. I know how it feels to want to keep everything, and for the most part it is possible, but if you don't have a lot of storage it is hard. I still have almost everything I ever received in my childhood, including boxes of school work separated by grade. My parents house has lots of storage.... an attic, a shed, and a basement.... I have been out of their house for 4 years and all their storage is still full of my stuff. At my house, my garage is FULL and I do mean FULL (no walking room) of my daughter's stuff.
Reply:Sell it on ebay! Or Craigslist. Tell your bf that you are donating it. And save the $ just for you and your little girl. Now that you are a mommy, your little private nest egg for emrgencies is WAY more important than all the memories of expensive clothes.

It will bring you peace of mind. Especially being a young unmarried mom. You never know what life will throw at you!

Good Luck, I know it will be hard...
Reply:I don't think you're stupid. But maybe a bit attatched? That really is too much to keep. If money is your issue, donate them to a cause and get a receipt for a tax write off. The big stuff you can sell on Craigslist.

Save your favorite stuff, but it shouldn't be bigger than a storage tub.
Reply:Shoot, I'm not getting rid of my son's stuff until I am DONE with childbearing! Seems wasteful to me to get rid of it all and have to buy it all again when the enxt one comes along. If it's taking up too much space, try putting it in your garage, basement, attic, closet, or a rented storage unit.
Reply:You will get rid of it when you are ready. You may want to start going through it and picking your favorite little outfits to keep instead of everything.
Reply:i would say that you need get ride of some of them if you sell them on e-bay you could get some money i am not saying that you should sell everything keep your favorites and it should not be to many. If you have another baby you will probably want to go and buy new things for it not just all old but you will enjoy your favorites being worn again. Also i wouldn't call you stupid for keeping it all.
Reply:no . I would not give anything away because ou might get pregnant again and need all that stuff.

I am saying this because I had a baby last year in October and I am now 5 1/2 pregnant again, so don't sell or give any thing away especially that crib

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Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B shoes and clothes?

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Yes for those that don't know they do exist and L.A.M.B stands for Love Angel Music Baby.

Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B shoes and clothes?
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Do baby clothes sell well on ebay?

My aunt asked my cousin if they wanted to buy some baby clothes off of her, and they declined because their daughter would be too tiny to wear them. I am thinking about buying them and putting them on ebay in lots of 3-5 outfits.

She is asking $25 per box full (boxes are pampers diaper boxes), the clothing is girls 3-6 months. Most have only been worn once, some still have tags. I believe there are receiving blankets, shoes, and hats as well. Everything is in good shape, and most of the clothing came from good stores (no dollar store items or anything, but possibly some walmart/target items).

Am I going to be able to make a profit off of these items, or should I just pass it up?

Do baby clothes sell well on ebay?

Baby clothes sell like crazy on Ebay. You will do great selling baby clothes.

My advice....

Sell any kind of baby clothes or childrens clothes you can. They go fast and easy.


Reply:If you do profit let us know! I was thinking the same thing. I have all of my daughters clothes from newborn. She's 4 1/2 now. I'm pregnant but if it's a boy all of her clothes must go! Good Luck!
Reply:yes definatly

i do it alot.

but i sell in larger lots like starting out in 10

then i will sell a lot of 20

it seems to generate more money if you do it in larger lots.. i think people think they are getting more so they bid higher which in reality it probably would even out but if i add it up i end up getting about 10 dollars more with one big lot then with per say 5 smaller lots ect

its sort of hard to explain but just make sure you start your bid at a reasonable price for the buyers but also as a reasonable price for what you are selling.. and i will say brand names like polo tommy hilfiger ralph lauren ect do go quick and you get much higher bids then what you would expect

hope to have helped.
Reply:Well I know that I buy alot of baby items on ebay because I just had a baby on Dec.31,2007.And I know I get really good deals from doing that.So the answer is yes ...Maybe I would be the person buying from you never know..Good Luck.
Reply:yes, i believe some parents rather shop online than having the fuss to bring along their kids to the mall. it's hasslefree. but remember to provide acurate measurements so the parents will at least buy with a peace of mind.

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Another baby needs question for my shopping trip!?

Hi again. I'm going shopping in the USA (South Florida) for my first baby (a boy) in a couple of weeks and am working on a budget. I've had good responses to all my questions thus far but here's another one for you experienced parents out there:

How many of the following items should I buy?

* Bibs

* Bottles (I plan to breastfeed at least 6 months)

* Burp cloths

* Changing pads

* Cloth diapers (he'll wear these at home for the first few weeks)

* Cotton hats

* Lap pads

* Onesies - 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months

* Other Outfits (he'll be going to church - casual dress - every week and other outings now and then) 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months

* Receiving blankets

* Scratch mittens

* Socks

* Soft shoes

* Towels

* Wash rags

Also, how many diapers (cloth or disposable) and how many wipes will he go through in a day?

Another baby needs question for my shopping trip!?
Buy tons of cloth diapers--they go through a lot of them! I used them mostly for burp rags because I work outside the home and it would not be fair to ask the sitter to change cloth diapers. Also, I would say to start off with 2-3 bottles of 4 oz and 8 oz sizes. Bibs aren't really that important until they start to eat baby food (about 4 months) or start teething. After a while you won't even use them except for in public! Lap pads don't generally get used after the first week of them being home (you're so tired you won't care) and I would just buy 0-3 and 3-6 month onsies right now and buy as many as you can. You will go through at least 2 outfits a day (on a good day) if you have one that spits up a lot! Hats never stay on so I suggest 6 hats (2 3 packs) and the same with mittens. Also, buy tons of socks and a lingerie bag to wash them in so that they don't get lost! Shoes aren't really important until they are able to remove their socks (about 4-5 month) so I wouldn't buy them until then because you don't know what size he will be in. As for towels, wash cloths, and blankets--as many as possible! you will go through them like there is no tomorrow. Babies like to pee on their towels after bath when they are newborns! :) Newborn babies are supposed to have at least 8-10 wet diapers a day and 1-3 dirty diapers. The best disposable newborn diapers that I found are the Pampers Swaddlers--they are great. I hope I helped. Good luck and congrats!
Reply:You probably won't need bibs until your son is about six months old or so, if that's when you plan to stop breastfeeding, but having one or two around shouldn't hurt. I breastfed my second for a month, but then had to stop because of a medication I had to take. I bought three bottles that were packaged together and used those. She's in bigger bottles now, but I still only have three. That's really all you need.

Buy at least a pack of five burp cloths, although cloth diapers work just as good, if not better, and are less expensive most places. Changing pads are a lifesaver if you use them on your changing table, especially since breastfed babies have a tendency to have runny poops, and I learned that the hard way. But you really don't need them otherwise if you have one that came with your diaper bag. I would buy just one or two hats (keep in mind you'll get one or two in the hospital for free). Start out with just a package of three or four onesies and a package of three or four sleepers to start out with. I loaded up on 0-3 months clothes for my first daughter, and when she was born she was only able to wear them for two weeks! And then when my second daughter was born, I didn't get as many 0-3 months, and she ended up needing newborn sizes until she was about two months old! So don't overindulge on the clothes. Just get enough for now, and then see what he needs from there.

As far as other outfits, just buy two or so at a time, since they grow so fast. I still have lots of clothes with tags because I bought too many of a certain size and they grew right through that size too quickly to wear them!

You'll get a receiving blanket at the hospital (which also makes a good burp cloth), but if you live in FL, I wouldn't buy but two. You probably will only need it at night. We usually bundle mine up in one, and drape the other over the top of the carrier to keep the wind from getting to her.

I only used scratch mittens for about a week, and I bought a package of two for like three dollars, and they worked great. I didn't even use the other pair. Buy a couple towels and wash rags, but lots of them come in packages with the two together, and usually in bulk (like three or four washcloths and two towels, or something like that). You can't bathe them in the tub until their umbilical cord falls off anyway, so it's not essential right now.

At almost three months, my daughter goes through about five or six diapers a day, from 7 in the morning until about 2 in the morning. Wipes seem to last forever if you buy them in those big boxes, and just replace them in the container when you need new ones. Make sure to buy the kind for sensitive skin, since you don't know if he'll have any allergies or not, and it would be a waste if you got the wrong kind.

Congratulations! I'm sorry it was so long, but I wanted to answer your question thoroughly. Good luck to you!
Reply:First of all - congratulations! Second - wait untill baby shower then decide what to buy ( if you cannot wait - try to take " sneek-peek" at the gifts- be honest with person who organizes it that you are going shopping and you want to know what you are getting so you can get the needy but missing things). See what your friends and family can do with hand-me-downs. Quite often you will get enough to last first few months and all you really need to buy is a few things, so save your money for diapers - you will need a lot!

* Bibs - not untill you start introducing solids ( can wait another few months)

* Bottles - get few just in case ( you may use them to store excess milk or need them for feeding if your son refuses to breastfeed / you could not for any reason: sore and cracked nipples, too painfull)

* Burp cloths - use receiving blankets or hand towels; why waste money

* Changing pads - 2 reusable should be enough

* Cloth diapers (he'll wear these at home for the first few weeks) - newborns may need 10 or so changes during first few months so up to your discretion and speed of your washing machine.

* Cotton hats - 3/4 then upgrade for bigger

* Lap pads - use soft, cozy towels

* Onesies - 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months - 5/7

* Other Outfits (he'll be going to church - casual dress - every week and other outings now and then) 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months - don't look at the tags - see how big is(will be) your boy and go by that. My daughter is 9 months and wears clothing between 3-6 months and 18 months! one church/ better outing outfit is fine - he will outgrow it in no time!, casual - 4 that you can mix and match

* Receiving blankets - 7 ( can be doubled up as burp cloth, lap pad, blankie on the "non-baby" surface)

* Scratch mittens - use baby socks, work the same

* Socks - about 5 - even if some get lost - they would be probably too small after 2-3 months

* Soft shoes - not really needed in summer, socks will do

* Towels - assorted 5 ( for beginnig try those hooded ones - work great!)

* Wash rags - 5

* Wipes - non-messy diapers may need 1, messy - use your immagination and experience! to save some money - use plain soft face cloth to clean after pee-pee diaper adn disposable ones for big messes.

Smart buys: nipple cream (Lansinoh), DIAPERS, DIAPERS, DIAPERS,

Good luck and enjoy motherhood!
Reply:wow lots of answers! ill save time and say dont forget baby bath tub!
Reply:you will need 5-6 diapers a day- AT LEAST!!!

DOn't bother buying bottles if you are going to nurse- at 6 mos you can train to a sippy cup.

10 bibs

10 burp cloths

2 changing pads

5 hats

skip cloth diapers- the detergents and wetness will cause diaper rash

5 lap pads

For the rest it depends on how pften you wnat to do laundry!
Reply:Plan on needing to change diapers 5-6 times a day (always safe to estimate even higher than that), so plan on lots of diapers. You'll also want to have at least 6 bibs, so you can keep using clean ones. As the baby gets older, you might want to invest in even more bibs when the baby starts trying solid foods. They get MESSY! It's good to have plenty of onesies. Carter's sells 5-packs of onesies, which you can get a Khol's for pretty inexpensive. They have plain white as well as multi-color packs. I would definately keep at least 15 of each size, because you'll be changing them regularly, and washing them often. Hats aren't going to get as messy, so you'll probably only need a couple, but remember that as the baby gets more aware, you may lose a couple, so have a spare or two. I'd say have 2 or 3 receiving blankets in case of a major spit-up or diaper leak. For your sanity, I'd have 10 bottles or so, so you don't have to wash them each time you want to feed the baby. You can wash them all at once when the baby is napping. Again, socks are something that aren't going to get messy as easily, so you don't need a ton, but maybe a few pairs. Keep plenty of wipes on hand. You can go to places like Costco or BJs and buy in bulk, which helps keep the cost down. In the beginning, you may want a couple of nicer outfits, like for church and such, but really, the baby will be more comfortable in onesies or sleep %26amp; plays. You want to keep plenty of the comfy stuff around as you'll want to plan on changing outfits at least once a day between spit-up and diaper leaks. Good luck with the new baby, and congrats!
Reply:* Bibs

10 little ones, my baby leaked milk out of her mouth while breastfeeding. The litte terry cloth ones are best.

* Bottles (I plan to breastfeed at least 6 months)

a six pack of the larger bottles, and get the NB nipples separate.

* Burp cloths

All burp clothes are is pretty cloth diapers. So you can buy a package of the old fashion pre-folds

* Changing pads- 2

* Cloth diapers (he'll wear these at home for the first few weeks)

About 8-10 diapers a day, so it depends on how often you plan on doing wash.

* Cotton hats

3 they don't wear or fit in these long

* Lap pads

We never used these

* Onesies - 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months

For 0-3 month about 6 since this is what he will be in all the time. My daughter was a March baby in the North and wore feety jammies all the time.

* Other Outfits (he'll be going to church - casual dress - every week and other outings now and then) 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months

For 0-3 months 4, again they out grow these quickly. You might want to consider getting a couple of Newborn sized ones since the 0-3 month stuff looks huge on a Newborn

* Receiving blankets

I had 7 and still ran out of clean ones sometimes

* Scratch mittens

Buy the onesies with the fold over sleeves. The mittens don't stay on. And get a pair of baby nail clippers.

* Socks

10 pairs, and remove them before changing a poopy diaper. My daughter would always get poo on them. Buy a mesh zippered lingerie bag to wash them in, because they are so small that they can get sucked into your washer's pump and break it.

* Soft shoes

We just used booties and cute sock. Soft shoes are really necessary. So as many as you want.

* Towels

2-3 hooded towels

* Wash rags

A six pack or gerber wash clothes

We went through about 8-10 diapers a day the first few weeks, probably 6-8 a day for the first year. And about 2 tubs of wipes.

Other things, a good electric breast pump. And a can of soy formula just in case.

Good Luck and enjoy you little one.
Reply:First get pampers and wipes that's number 1 get the off brand wipes like the target kind its the same thing like the name brand ones trust me. Also whats good are in footsie's like the whole outfit with the zipper and dont 4-get the one pieces the ones that button in the middle of their legs. Also at target they have the value pack of socks its like 8 per pack for $5.99. Get stuff 3-6 months trust me. HAPPY SHOPPING its really fun.
Reply:Every baby is different but I will let you know how mine is. It depends a lot on how busy you are and how often you plan on doing things (like laundry or washing the baby, etc)

*Bibs- I didn’t use any since she’s breastfed she was good about little spit up so all I did was put a shirt on that was a little bit bigger than the size she was in, this kept the cost down plus I have a shirt I can use when she’s bigger.

* Bottles (I plan to breastfeed at least 6 months) - I would buy around 9 (at least that’s what I have).

* Burp cloths – I actually use the cloth diapers

* Changing pads- I have only one, and two covers (one for use, one in the wash)

* Cloth diapers (he'll wear these at home for the first few weeks) - You tend to change diapers more with cloth, depends on how good you are with doing laundry and how big of a wetter he is. I would say buy 3-4 packages (they usually come in packages of 6)

•Cotton hats - When are you due? I would say about 5, but some outfits will come with hats.

* Lap pads - use the cloth diapers

* Onesies - 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months - this is all personal preference plus how much of a mess he makes, I would say 10 should be good.

* Other Outfits (he'll be going to church - casual dress - every week and other outings now and then) 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months -- same as above

* Receiving blankets - I love my receiving blankets, but I use a lot of them for cover ups when I am breastfeeding. I would say 5-10, you can also use them for burp cloths or lap pads as well. Plus if your baby is colic or just likes to be swaddled they are wonderful for that.

* Scratch mittens – I had a pair but they didn’t work out well. One of my friends just put socks over her baby’s hands and that worked well for her.

* Socks --- my baby socks are always gobbled up by the gremlins in the wash, so I would say a couple dozen (although my baby had big feet, so stay away from small ones we never fit into 0-3 month old and she was only 7 lbs at birth)

* Soft shoes – not needed and if you want some, they sometimes come with outfits, although I have one pair of white ones.

* Towels --- I actually only have 3 and that seems to work out well for me, but I do laundry quite often

* Wash rags – a few more than towels depending on how much you do laundry

Also, how many diapers (cloth or disposable) and how many wipes will he go through in a day? Breastfed babies have less bowel movements, so you will go through less. Cloth you have to change more because they aren’t as absorbant. I would say 7-10 disposables and 15-20 cloth per day. Wipes, I’m still on my first really big box bought from a discount store. So it’s hard to say I never really noticed.

Best of luck! Happy Shopping!
Reply:Bibs - for when you start actually feeding the baby, you'll be AMAZED how many you go through ... so honestly ... you can't have too many. I had 35 bibs given to me during my pregnancy and i thought it was ridiculous ... but now that I'm feeding baby foods ... I'm grateful I had them all!!!

* Bottles (I plan to breastfeed at least 6 months) - although you plan to breastfeed, remember it's YOUR plan. Sometimes baby won't take to it, sometimes it's just too hard, or sometimes neither you or the baby will have a choice (as was in my case because my daughter was born too small and NEEDED to eat ASAP and couldn't wait to learn to latch) and you'll HAVE to supplement with a bottle. I say 6 bottles would be good. Also, you might want to consider buying opaque bottles or glass. Regular plastic bottles release a chemical called bisphenol-A into the formula when heated in a bottle warmer or washed with hot water that may cause retardation.

* Burp cloths ... again, you can't have too many. If you plan on washing laundry every week, I'd say instead of burp cloths, buy TONS of receiving blankets. Some to wrap baby boy in, and some to place under his neck for spit ups ... there's more area on receiving blankets and you can use the clean part for the next feeding. 20 + receiving blankets.

* Changing pads - I have only one and it's sufficient for outings to the mall, supermarket, other peoples' homes ... etc

* Cloth diapers (he'll wear these at home for the first few weeks) - can't help you here

* Cotton hats - hats also go by size, and depending on when you're due ... you may need more summer like hats for baby boy ... 10 would be good ... cotton/summer hats ... for each size ... and buy some that match outfits

* Lap pads - never had one ... don't think it's necessary

* Onesies -

0-3 months - you can never have too many and you go through them like it's going out of style ... either from spitups or from diaper leakage

3-6 months - at this point you'll be a little more experienced ... 12

6-9 months - same - 12

* Other Outfits (he'll be going to church - casual dress - every week and other outings now and then) 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months ---- be very careful with this ... because I had way too many outfits and never even got a chance to put them on my daughter before she was already too big for them. I'd say 7 casual outfits, maybe 4 church like outfits, and 3 or so outfits for other outings. For each size range ... again, careful ... you may end up with outfits that will never get worn.

* Receiving blankets - can't have too many

* Scratch mittens - some babies don't scratch, but if yours does ... buy tons because you'll want to change them after he's been sticking them in his mouth and gets them soaked

* Socks - TONS and these also go by size

* Soft shoes - this is really optional and I would suggest only getting one or two (you might want more to match outfits)

* Towels - 2

* Wash rags - four ... don't just use it once and then put it in with the laundry ... so long as you're washing laundry once a week ... buy 4
Reply:Bibs- You can never have enough!

Bottles- I was totally stressed out about having enough bottles and then it struck me "Duh! I am going to breastfeed!" Anyway, I am with my daughter pretty much all the time so I only need bottles for when I go out for a few hours. 4 would be enough. If you are going back to work, I'd say 10 or more.

Burp cloths- All of your clothes with become burp cloths. I hardly use the ones I have, actually, because they become a hassle.

Changing pads- I have one pad in the nursery, one in her diaper bag, and one spare.

Cloth diapers- If he's only wearing these at home for the first few weeks, then they can double as burp cloths after that. My daughter went through 12 diapers a day in the first month. I am not even exaggerating. She had a bowel movement at every feeding.

Cotton hats- Most kids I know hate having a hat on their heads. We used 1 or 2 on cold days.

Onesies- Just like bibs: You can never have enough. At least 7 to get you through a week.

Outfits- Bet on your baby wearing at least 2 outfits a day and a sleeper to bed. Depending on how frequently you want to do laundry, I would suggest at least 15 day outfits total.

Receiving blankets- These, too, can double as burp cloths. If your baby likes to be swaddled you probably want at least 5. If not, then they grow out of their usefulness very quickly.

Scratch mittens- I don't know a single baby that ever kept a pair of scratch mittens on for more than a minute.

Socks- Like the outfits, at least 15 pair in each size. And get the kind that have a cuff. They are more likely to stay on little feet that way.

Soft shoes- Buy sizes 0,1, and 2. At least one pair each size because they won't really get worn out, but you may want more to match different outfits.

Towels- 5 or more

Wash rags- 5 or more

Like I said, my daughter went through 12 diapers a day in the first month. Now she is down to 4 or 5 every day. Breastfed babies have a much cleaner bowel movement than their formula fed counterparts, so you probably won't use more than 3 wipes at each change. If it's just urine, 1 wipe is fine.

Good luck with your little bundle of joy!
Reply:There are several things on here you do not need right away - like bibs.

Bottles, I wouldn't use them at all (esp the first 6 weeks) if you're breastfeeding. Buy 2 and put them away until you need them. Using a bottle while baby is learning to breastfeed causes nipple confusion sometimes and he could refuse to nurse. Bottles are easier for babies and breastfeeding takes more effort...

Burp cloths - 6-10 (I used regular cloth diapers - they work great!)

Changing Pads - 2 or 3

Cloth Diapers (Check into a diaper service in your area - I've used one and I've washed my own, expensewise, it's about the same) Otherwise - buy enough to get through 2-3 days (24-30) plus 6-10 diaper covers.

2 cotton hats

Onesies - you need 6-10 in 0-3 (he will outgrow these the fastest), about 10 in 3-6 and 10 in 6-9

Figure 2-3 outfits per day plus pajamas. How often are you going to do laundry? I would have no less than 3 sets of pjs (footie/sleeper kind). Buy only up to size 6 mos now. You can get more later as he gets bigger! Newborn to 3 mos is the shortest phase!

Receiving Blankets - at least 5 (and go for natural fabrics and bigger sizes - little ones won't last long)

Socks - at least 10 pair

Mittens - 1-2 pair

Shoes - 1-3 pair

Towels with hoods - 2-3

Wash Clothes - 5 (you will use wipes for everything minor!)

Diapers for breastfed babies can be up to 15 a day. Mine went through about 10-12 I would say. Wipes - usually 1-3 per changing. If he's wet, 1 is fine, if more - it just depends!

I hope I could help! Best Wishes!
Reply:* Bibs- You never get enough bibs..

* Bottles- I had 14....

* Burp cloths-Really not necessary, but 7 days is good

* Changing pads-Not many

* Cloth diapers-Lots....

* Cotton hats.. Summer is coming, so not many

* Lap pads..Not necessary

* Onesies - 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months-These are lifesavers..So as many as you want!

* Other Outfits (he'll be going to church - casual dress - every week and other outings now and then) 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months..I wouldnt invest so much in "outfits", but maybe one or two in each category...

* Receiving blankets..Never enough

* Scratch mittens..Not many, you can recycle those and keep nails trim...

* Socks..Lots, they always get lost in the wash

* Soft shoes..Not many as babies dont walk

* Towels..Never enough

* Wash rags..Never enough

Good luck!!

I would say stock up on onesies, diapers and bibs... Everything else is secondary!
Reply:Congratulations on your new baby! You will need at least 6 to 10 diapers a day until you can figure out your baby' schedule. Even though your breast feeding I would still get about 6 bottles to start with. You never know. get about 12 bibs, 12 burp cloths, 6 changing pads 3 or 4 hats lap pads you don't really need you will need about 10 onies. Outfits are going to very depending on where you go and do. Receiving blankets I would get about 6. Scratch mittens you won't need if you keep the fingernails trimmed. Socks I would get one pair for every outfit you buy. You don't need the soft shoes unless you want to but they are not necessary. Towels you will need one for each bath But get about 6 extra wash rags. Have fun with the new baby.
Reply:breastfed babies poo and pee a lot more often than bottle fed babies, so I'd get a LOT of diapers. I wouldn't waste my money on changing pads, most diaper bags come with a plastic one that is good for changing them in public places. Back when I had my son there were no such things as those baby changing tables in every bathroom, so I'd have to lay him on the counter to change him, so that plastic pad came in handy. I also wouldn't get very many burp cloths, a few will do, as you can use anything to wipe baby's mouth, and accidents will happen on your clothes even if you have a burp cloth on. Cotton hats are very important, but since you live in South Florida it is probably already warm there. They are only important in the winter time, but you should probably keep a little hat on his head for a few weeks. Onesies are GREAT, I'd get two packages of the newborn size, since he'll be growing very fast, he'll grow out of those quickly. The 3-6 month size will last much longer, so get more of those. If you're having a baby shower you will usually get TONS of clothes, more than the baby can use. When I go to a baby shower I get clothes a little bigger, because everyone buys newborn clothes, and they grow out of those so fast, before they can wear them all, so I like for the mom to have clothes for when the baby gets a little bigger. If you're not having a shower, then get a few newborn outfits and if people ask what you need for the baby tell them bigger sizes. Scratch mittens, a couple pairs of those will do, as his hands will outgrow them quickly. If you keep baby's nails trimmed he shouldn't scratch too much. Socks are great, ones by Baby gap stay on the best, so get socks to match every outfit. Shoes, get him one dress pair and one tennis shoes, size 1's. I'd get the bigger bottles because by the time you stop breastfeeding, he'll be out of the smaller ones, but get one package of small ones just in case (I wanted so badly to breastfeed but my son wouldn't take to it at all) sometimes things happen. Good luck and have fun shopping for baby!
Reply:pacifers you will miss place these, baby swing(gotta have one of these) lots of diapers you will use 6-10 of these a day, sleepers, mlycon gas drops,childrens tylenol, baby bath tub, a heavy blanket for cold days, diaper bag.
Reply:I would honestly say that you'll need 6 diapers or more a day for a newborn.
Reply:Did you already have your shower? YOu will probably get alot of this at the shower...if you can, wait until after and "fill in" what you didn't get.

Babies can go thru 6-10 diapers a day. Just depends on them. Maybe a box of wipes every 2 weeks or less

sometimes they can do 2 or 3 outfits a day too...especially if they spit up alot or have accidents.

Oh - and Bibs - I think at a time it was 5 or 6 a day!!

Scratch mittens? Well - I used little baby socks. Cheaper and easier to grab them than top search for the mittens!
Reply:you will need at least 3/4 diapers a day.

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My baby is 6 months and has a fever of 100.9? Is she ok, she isn't crying, only when I leave the room?

Last night may baby woke up at least 6 times, She never does this. She was hot the whole day but stupid me didn't think nothing of it....Duh!We were outside alot yesterday and it recently got hot. But I only put her in a onsies with shoes. So she wouldn't over heat. When should I be concerned? And she has allergies I think she has alot of boogers and I have had to use the saline drops alot lately HELP PLZ!!!! Thank you

My baby is 6 months and has a fever of 100.9? Is she ok, she isn't crying, only when I leave the room?
I was told to only call the ped office when the baby has over 103..101 is "normal" for infants, who are usually warmer than the rest of us.

Of course that recommendation never sat with me. I hated it and hoped my baby would never have fever a 100. and she didn't. We were just lucky.

But then when she started daycare, she's got all the colds and ear infections in the book.

Despite what the dr. said, I always called the office and ask (especially if she manifested other symptoms too (like pulling at her ear, I wouldn't wait for 103 to call).

So call the dr. anyway, what you've got to lose?

If the fever persists for more than 2-3 days (especially at night) she might be coming down with roseola (since the flu season is over). Does she go to daycare? That;'s a contagious disease:3-7 days of consistenly high fever (over 100), at the end of which skin rash appears (red spots, blotches, for 1hr to 2 days) on her upper back, hands, face.

keep taking and tracking the temperature at regular intervals (say every 6 hr, and at night too, set the alarm clock an wake up, that's when the high fever hits). and bring that up to your dr. They need documented facts, symptoms to make a diagnosis, not "I think"-type of statements.

and don't expect her to cry if nothing hurts (ear infection), au contraire watch if she's just out of it, quiet, lacking energy, loss of appetite. high fever without pain does that to people.
Reply:How is she acting? That is usually the biggest indicator of how ill a child is. If she is acting normal but still has the temp. she should be ok, you could still call the Dr. if you want. If she is laying around, crying, not really doing much then I would definetally call the Dr. She probably has a virus and the body has to heat up to kill the virus. You should probably dress her in light clothing (you don't want her to get a chill though), give her some tylenol and just watch her pretty close.
Reply:My doctor told me anything above 100.5 until the age of one goes straight to the office or if on the weekend the emergency room. Teething babies dont usually spike temps over 99.9.

what is the deal with all the thumbs down?? there must be a thumbs down troll today! argh! I hate it when this happens...
Reply:you think there may be something wrong with your baby and you are asking for advice here? whats wrong with you! call the doc.
Reply:you should always call your local heath nurse when you have a question about your baby's health. have you given her anything to reduce the fever?
Reply:Rectal or oral temp?

For babies 3-6 months if the rectal temp is 101 or higher, you should call your doctor.
Reply:That fever is fine actually infants have a higher temp anyway. If it gets up puchin 104 then it is concerning

TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Reply:100.7 is enough for brain damage. Id take her to the hospital right away
Reply:take her to the hospital...
Reply:take her to hospital right away, better safe than sorry
Reply:well she is might be teething???
Reply:How did you take the temp ? A temp under 101 rectaly is normal for babies.Call your doctor let them know , also wacth her behavior and keep the fever down .I am not saying for you not to be concerned because you are a mom and that's what moms do, but calm down it is only a fever and it is not to high , for babies my doctor say a fever below 101 is normal depending the time of day and the way they are acting and also babies can tolerate higher fevers than older kids. Did she had shots? Does she have a cold ? Is anybody seek in the house or has she been exposed to someone seek? Relax your babie will be ok just do your best call your doctor he or she may want to check her keep the fluids coming you may want to add some pedialyte to her bottle. Good luck let us know how she is doing...I have three so I know how worried you are my oldest is 9 my middle one is 6 and my yougest is 4 month old and everytime they have a fever I get really worried...
Reply:Fever in a Newborn

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Adults have a more sophisticated body thermostat to help regulate their body temperature. When cold, an adult shivers, helping to raise the temperature of the body. Sweating occurs when an adult is overheated, to allow for cooling. These mechanisms, on the other hand, are not completely developed in newborns. In addition, newborns lack the insulating fat layer that older babies and children develop.

Because a newborn's temperature regulation system is immature, fever may or may not occur with infection or illness. However, fever in babies can be due to other causes which may be even more serious. Call your baby's physician immediately if your baby younger than 3 months old has a rectal temperature of 100.4° F or higher.

Fever in newborns may be due to:


Fever is a normal response to infection in adults, but only about half of newborns with an infection have fever. Some, especially premature babies, may have a lowered body temperature with infection or other signs such as a change in behavior, feeding, or color.


While it is important to keep a baby from becoming chilled, a baby can also become overheated with many layers of clothing and blankets. This can occur at home, near heaters, or near heat vents. It can also occur when a baby is over bundled in a heated car. Avoid placing a baby in direct sunlight, even through a window. Never leave a baby in a hot car even for a minute. The temperature can rise quickly and cause heat stroke and death.

An overheated baby may have a hot, red, or flushed face, and may be restless. To prevent overheating, keep rooms at a normal temperature, about 72 to 75° F, and dress your baby just like you and others in the room.

low fluid intake or dehydration

Some babies may not take in enough fluids which causes a rise in body temperature. This may happen around the second or third day after birth. If fluids are not replaced with increased feedings, dehydration (excessive loss of body water) can develop and cause serious complications. Intravenous (IV) fluids may be needed to treat dehydration.


No bending over cuz you'll give the baby.......?

brain damage???? thats what I was just told Im scared outta my mind I bent over a few times to pick something up or tie my shoes ... All I can keep thinking is oh my God I gave my baby brain damage!!!! Im 37 weeks. BTW

No bending over cuz you'll give the baby.......?
Nope, thats an old wives tale. You did not/will not give your baby brain damage.
Reply:Are you kidding me?
Reply:Please keep in mind that women were BUILT for child bearing. I work in a hospital setting and women have come into the ER after being in head on collisions and the baby survives just fine. The baby is very well protected in an amniotic sac filled with fluid, on top of that are the muscles of your belly and on top of that, a nice thick layer of fat...the baby is fine.
Reply:No, that's not true. That is one of the silliest pieces of misinformation I've ever heard - who told you that?
Reply:please that is so not even the slightest bit true
Reply:That's crazy! Your baby isn't going to get brain damage from you bending over. It has alot of cushion it will be ok
Reply:Thats crazy. Bending over will not give you baby brain damage.
Reply:That's hogwash! Bending will not harm your baby. The baby is enclosed in a bed of fluid (your bag of water) that protects it from day to day bumps. Bending down will not harm your baby! The only thing it will do is make you uncomfortable!
Reply:Thats an old wives tale!!! Thats just like saying that you will strangle your unborn child if you lift your hands above your head.

Why do people still believe in this stuff? It doesnt even make sense LMAO!!!

I bent over plenty of times in my pregancy to clean and such, and my daughter came out fine. Actually she is very advanced.

Just becuase you are pregnant doesnt make you a walking china doll, and your baby is a lot tougher than you think. As long as you dont do anything drastic, like slip and fall hard on the ice or something you will be fine.

Chill and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! And may you be blessed with a speedy labor!!!
Reply:stop listening to people.if you have to bend......bend.just bend at your knees
Reply:That's crazy. I was exercising into my ninth month, doing all kinds of stretches that involved all kinds of bending, and would tie my own shoes through my whole pregnancy. For some women it's uncomfortable but if it isn't it won't cause any harm.
Reply:Don't be ridiculous!!! Your baby is fine.
Reply:your nuts
Reply:CALM DOWN! bending over can not give your baby brain damage!? Who would of told you that? No No No it is okay to bend over all the way up until delivery.
Reply:That's bullshit. Don't listen to people when they tell you stupid crap like that. The only thing you have to worry about is the umbilical cord, and that's more about lifting your arms and picking stuff up. Bending over isn't going to do any harm to the baby. There's pleny of cushion for them in there.
Reply:that has got to be the weirdest thing i have ever heard... your baby can not get brain damaged for bending over. so you can go right ahead pick something like you shoes up..there's no need to worry about it.
Reply:well who told you that?

I'm sure i did lots of bending when i was pregnant. better for you to bend your knees instead of your back though.

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I baby sit a 8 yr old..and im having problems..someone please help me!!?

i baby sit an 8 yr old once a week, and shes very spoilt! she says very nasty things to me "i hate your hair, i hate your clothes, i hate your shoes..i hate everything about you!!" n i just reply saying "thanks".

I dont know what kind of activity to do with her to keep her quiet. its hard for me to get paint out because her dad comes home for lunch and complains to me about the house being a mess, so i dont bother doing painting because of being told off. we go to the park and she gets bored!!

Can any one PLEASE help me with what i could do!! please help!

bee xxx

I baby sit a 8 yr old..and im having problems..someone please help me!!?
poor you she sounds a delight!. attempt reverse psychology really works if your strong enough to keep with it!.i have worked for years with an autistic child so i know this works!!. when she says she hates you ,ignore that and reply,"im really excited to show you this,come see!!"keep with it.say to her,"ITmake me sad when you say mean words when i KNOW you are such a kind girl" Then ignore bad verbal .Be sneaky,find out what she loves-get her fave book from the library,my 8yrs old daughter makeup,high school musical,cooking... gets all these types of books from lib. take a tape recorder and lyrics fro h.sch.musical off net and both try to learn then record you both singing song.find out from parents her fave thing to do--and arm yourself for next time. good luck x
Reply:I know this may not be what you want to hear but it sounds like the parents are no better than the kid. I would tell them that unless they have a talk with the child and leave constructive things that you can do with her , that they will have to find a new sitter.
Reply:think you need to tel her that saying nasty things is not kind and tel her that you will tel her mum/dad if she doesn't stop

as for doing things with her tel her that if she is nice you will take her to the zoo, swimming or to see a film

good luck
Reply:new job girlfriend.
Reply:I agree with Doreen. If the parents are telling you off, then no WONDER the child acts like a spoiled brat. Surely you could find a family that needs someone to baby sit. Why are you baby sitting an 8 yr old? Why is she not in school? Just wondering.

I would either have a talk with the parents and explain to them that their child is very rude, and if things don't change you'll have to quit your job. If you do not think they'll respond favorably, then just quit! And next time, make sure you spend some time getting to know the child you'll have to watch before you agree to watch him/her. I feel for you. Good luck!!
Reply:strangle her
Reply:It sounds like the parents are the root of the problem. If the dad tells you off for the house being are the babysitter not the maid. Putting the blame on you--saying you are not firm enough-- is their way of not having to deal with the problem. I would definitely talk with the parents and let them know that if this continues you will not be able to watch their daughter, you should not be putting up with insults of an 8 year old just to make $20--which by the way is decent money for babysitting 7 hours (I am a certified day care provider) but you shouldn't be miserable doing it. I have a 9 year old of my own and I watch an 8 year old--"HATE" is a word they are not aloud to use in my house, there are other ways to express your dislikes.

Good Luck, I hope everything works out.
Reply:shout at her in her face that will work
Reply:I don't know how important this job is to you but I would say just quit.I mean not only is the 8 year old being disrespectful, but her Dad is too.If quitting isn't an option, I would at least tell them how you feel.
Reply:You cannot control how this family talks to and treats each other. This child lives in an environment where being disrespectful is the norm. So when you are offended by her behavior she doesn't understand what your problem is, this is the way her family operates all the time.

If you have to keep the job, then your only option is to say to her: "I would like to be friends with you, but I don't like the way you treat me. Is there some way we can learn to get along better so our time together is more fun?" Let her take the lead in how you spend some of your time together. Does she like to play cards, or dance, or read, or draw? If painting is the thing she wants to do, then simply give her one more chance, but tell her first, "your dad doesn't like it to get messy, so we have to be careful". If she still makes a mess, just say "I guess this wasn't a good idea, we won't do this for a while". And then don't. Give it at least two weeks before you offer to give her another chance.

Don't think of this punishing her, think of this as a chance for you to be a good example to her about how people should treat each other. You may be the only person who treats her with respect. (And it is respectful to expect the best out of someone).

Good luck.

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